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Year 2021: A vision of the digital sensor market in astronomy

In our area of work, sensors with charge-coupled device (CCD) technology have dominated overwhelmingly for several decades, but now CMOS has taken over the market. In this article we will review, from an amateur's point of view, the different alternatives, with their pros and cons.

QHY42Pro camera review

My impressions with this wild scientific CMOS, my main working camera, marketed by QHYCCD, unconventional, with extraordinary qualities and brute force, that you have to know how to master, to extract them and get the most out of it.

QHY268M camera review

Contact with this new camera, based on a CMOS sensor with 16-bit ADCs, which breaks with almost all the clichés associated with CMOS sensors in astrophotography.

Use of corrector lenses in reflectors

Article analyzing the impact on limnetic transmission of the use of corrector elements in a reflecting telescope.

La Esfera Celeste

Interventions in this fantastic Podcast for astronomy enthusiasts.

Debian GNU/Linux in Astronomy

Debian GNU/Linux is one of the best distributions of Linux that we can find for several decades; offering a level of robustness and stability difficult to equal, reason why, many other distributions are based on it. In this article we will see how to prepare our Debian to be ready to pilot our astronomical devices with the latest software versions.

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